Quiz: You know these fitness teachers?

  The exam is about recognizing by the photo the best fitness teachers, at the end of the exam you show the statistics how many successes you had and how many failures. There are two closely related definitions of fitness. In the first place, we understand fitness as the state of physical health and well-being achieved by leading a healthy life supported by continuous exercise over time and a healthy diet. Secondly, fitness is also defined as the set of gymnastic exercises that are repeated several times a week to get in good physical shape. These exercises are usually performed in specific sports spaces, such as gyms. The objectives of this sport are to improve aerobic endurance, have greater flexibility, achieve muscle strength, achieve localized muscle strength and achieve body balance (must respect percentages of what is considered healthy in muscles, bones and fat). For years fitness has been booming in the United States, but its importance has already spread to Europe and some countries in South America, such as Colombia. The sportsmen and women who take part in this sport usually do a series of races, squats, push-ups and jumps combined with exercises in disciplines such as breakdance.